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 Meeting No. 2 Newport v Somerset (Severn Bridge Trophy)

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PostSubject: Meeting No. 2 Newport v Somerset (Severn Bridge Trophy)   Wed Sep 24, 2014 3:48 pm

Meeting Number 2
Newport Darlow Wasps v Somerset Sharp Retail Systems Rebels  
Sunday 28th March 2010 Tapes up @ 2.30pm

Waspland Whisperings

It was very pleasing to launch the 2010 season here last Sunday with  more than decent display from the 1999 Legends and some very promising performances from several Wasps.

For the Legends Craig Watson was in fine form and that is great to comment on for a variety of reasons.  Frank Smart had a great reception and along with the others who are not performing in British Speedway any more put on a great effort to entertain you.  The Wasps pulled it out of the bag in the final two heats and the top two of Leigh and Kim were well supported by Kyle - who like Wato was coming back to racing after a season out.

Anders suffered that expensive blown engine and many thanks to those many Newport fans who contributed in the collection for him.  Todd had a quiet start but he will settle into the demands of a higher standard of racing as the season warms up.

One name who did not feature was Grant Tregoning.  Unfortunately he failed to meet our deadline for a return to these shores in time for the new season and we had to make a decision.  As you may have read we contacted Alex Davies in Australia and by the time you read this the situation on his arrival will be much clearer.  Like Grant he will come in on an assessed five point average.  We have not closed the door on Grant riding for Newport in the future but certainly Alex has proved to be very keen to sort his paperwork out and deserve his chance.

Today we welcome a Somerset side which has also made quite a few changes to its line-up this season.  We were at the Oak Tree Arena on Friday evening for the first leg of the Severn Bridge Trophy and Jason will update you over the PA on how we fared.  Our thanks to Laing O'Rourke, the maintenance contractors of both Severn Bridges, for their provision of a trophy for today's winning team.  I look forward to that so - on with the racing!

P.S. Well done to Alex Davies and his family for sorting out the paperwork necessary in less than a week which enabled the youngster to fly in on Thursday evening and launch his British Speedway career with the Wasps. Steve

Wato's World

Well that's two meetings under my belt after a long layoff.  I rode in the Benevolent Fund meeting at Rye House Speedway on Sunday March 14th with the intention of supporting a good cause and getting that first set of racing out of the way in readiness for Newport last Sunday.  It was a really good occasion for everybody at Newport Speedway last week with the 1999 Legends present and but for Andrew Appleton having to withdraw from the match with engine problems we could have held onto our lead over the 2010 Wasps.  I was pleased to win three heats including victories over Leigh Lanham and Kim Nilsson.  There is no doubt that our young Swede is going to be a genuine heat leader for the Wasps this season and I will even predict that he will be one of the top riders in the Premier League in his first full season in British Speedway.  His fellow Swede Anders Mellgren was unlucky to blow an engine on the line in heat two but it happens in our sport at some point down the line.  I believe that he has sorted a new engine out and we look forward to his realising his obvious potential too.

Looking at the other lads - Kyle Legault was, like myself, also coming back after a season out with injury and was definitely on the pace from the off.  In a sense most of the Wasps team has a point to prove.  For Kyle and me - that we can get back and be competitive.  I want to get my average up and I'm sure Kyle is the same.  Meanwhile, Todd Kurtz had a quiet start but for his senior debut he had to race in a six-man team and so there was not the reserve races that he will now enjoy once we resume the fifteen heat formula for the rest of the season.  It was also a bit of a rush to get ready after flying in from Australia.  So not any easy start but he will be fine.  He has got that first fixture over and now he can settle into the matches against Somerset Rebels this weekend.

Overall, I was very encouraged by how the boys performed and I am very optimistic about the opportunity for a good season for the Wasps 2010.  

Newport 50

1. Leigh Lanham (7.16) 3, 2, 3, 2', 3 = 13+1
2. Craig Watson (7.00) 2', 1', 3, 2', 1 = 9+3
3. Anders Mellgren (6.38) 1, 3, 1', 2 = 7+1
4. Kyle Legault (6.41) 0, 0, 2, 2 = 4
5. Kim Nilsson (7.00) 3, 2, 1, 3 = 9
6. Alex Davies (R) (5.00) 2', 0, 0, Ex = 2+1
7. Todd Kurtz (R) (3.00) 3, 1, 2', 0 = 6+1

Somerset 42

1. Shane Parker (8.15) EF, 1', 2', Ex = 3+2
2. Ritchie Hawkins (4.52) 1, 3, 2, 1, 6, Ex = 13
3. Sam Masters (5.00) 2', 1, 1, 3, 3 = 10+1
4. Steve Boxall (6.88) Rider Replacement
5. Cory Gathercole (7.69) 2, 3, 3, 3, 1, 2 = 14
6. Jay Herne (R) (3.81) 1, EF, Ex, 0, F = 1
7. Tommy Allen (R) 0, 0, 0, 1, T = 1

Heat 1: 59.44 Lanham, Watson, Hawkins, Parker (5-1) 5-1
Heat 2: 60.90 Kurtz, Davies, Herne, Allen (5-1) 10-2
Heat 3: 61.58 Hawkins (r/r), Masters, Mellgren, Legault (1-5) 11-7
Heat 4: 60.16 Nilsson, Gathercole, Kurtz, Allen (4-2) 15-9
Heat 5: 62.00 Mellgren, Hawkins, Parker, Legault (3-3) 18-12
Heat 6: 60.84 Gathercole, Lanham, Watson, Herne (EF) (3-3) 21-15
Heat 7: 61.24 Gathercole (r/r), Nilsson, Masters, Davies (2-4) 23-19
Heat 8: Aw     Watson, Kurtz, Hawkins (15m), Herne (5-1) 28-20
Heat 9: 60.84 Gathercole, Legault, Mellgren, Allen (r/c) (3-3) 31-23
Heat 10: 61.20 Lanham, Watson, Masters, Herne (r/r) (5-1) 36-24
Heat 11: 61.34 Hawkins (TR), Parker, Nilsson, Davies (1-Cool 37-32
Heat 12: 60.66 Masters, Mellgren, Allen (r/c), Kurtz (2-4) 39-36
Heat 13: Aw     Nilsson, Lanham, Gathercole, Parker (Ex) 44-37
Heat 14: 60.69 Masters, Legault, Davies (Ex) Herne (T) (2-3) 46-40
Heat 15: 60.56 Lanham, Gathercole, Watson, Hawkins (Ex) (4-2) 50-42

Run Off: 59.92 Lanham beat Gathercole

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Meeting No. 2 Newport v Somerset (Severn Bridge Trophy)
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