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 Meeting 3 Newport v Kings Lynn (Premier Trophy)

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PostSubject: Meeting 3 Newport v Kings Lynn (Premier Trophy)   Thu Sep 25, 2014 12:18 pm

Meeting 3
Newport Wasps v Kings Lynn Stars
Premier Trophy
Sunday 4th April, 2010
Tapes up @ 2.30pm

Waspland Whisperings

Well I enjoyed last weekend in the final analysis and I suspect that you did too.  One or two circumstances could be said to have told against us at Somerset in the first leg of the Severn Bridge Trophy on the Friday evening but it was a creditable and encouraging performance overall and laid the foundation for our eventual victory.

It should be noted that young Alex Davies only flew in at 8pm on the Thursday evening and one could have forgiven him if he had opted to wait until Sunday at home to make his Wasps debut.  However, he convinced us that he was up for it and certainly proved it in style by winning heat two.  HIs first ever ride in a Newport race jacket and he pulls a heat victory out of the bag.  He finished as the second highest scorer on the night and could prove to be quite a find.

Back at home it was a very good match and inevitably finished with an even aggregate score-line at 91 apiece.  The run off wasn't the best race of the afternoon but that didn't matter as far as all of us are concerned.  Leigh brought home the bacon against Cory Gathercole in the run off and those celebrations were heart felt.  Not often we could pop open champagne bottles on the centre green at Newport Speedway while silverware was being presented.  We treasure the moment but that's history now as we face Kings Lynn.

Yet again they have had to reassemble a side after outstanding success the previous season but they keep coming up with a winning formula so we must be on our guard today.

Don't forget that there is more speedway action here tomorrow at 1pm when an attractive Newport face Team Viking in an international challenge.  Then next Sunday the Wasps entertain Rye House Rockets in Premier Trophy action.  Looking further ahead we will be telling you more soon about a tie up with two absolute legends of the sport.  As you may know the four times World Champion Barry Briggs MBE is conducting a national cycle tour to raise money for those ex riders confined to wheelchairs because of track accidents and Newport will feature on the itinerary.  Also six times World Champion Ivan Mauger MBE OBE will be in Britain around the time of the British Grand Prix.  Like Briggo he is also the subject of a new book and so it is likely that we will have the opportunity to invite both household names to make their titles available when they visit us.  

Something to look forward to in both cases.  More details to follow soon as I said.  Time now to settle down to the task of knocking those Stars out of orbit.  So on with the racing! Steve

Wato's World

Obviously early days in the season but overall that was a good start against a decent Somerset side and the sight of champagne and silverware on the centre green as we were presented with the Severn Bridge Trophy was welcome after several barren years.

I felt that my own performance could have been better in the away leg but I was happy to be back in the pairing with Leigh Lanham for the home leg.  Me and Leigh had have many good races against each other over the seasons but now we are in the same team and enjoying riding with each other for a change.  The plan is that as the senior team members we try and give a strong start to the match for the Wasps.  Having said that what a performance by Alex Davies and Todd Kurtz in the reserves heats at home and away.  A 5-1 on both occasions.  What can you say about Alex? He flies in from Australia only the night before his debut in a Wasps race jacket at Somerset Speedway and wins his first ever outing.  We had Alex in view for Newport when we signed Todd Kurtz last season but his dad was keen that he finished his studies which is understandable.  Alex could see all his friends travelling over to the UK and getting team places so eventually his dad Stephen relented but with his own racing background in the UK in East Anglia wanted him to be at Kings Lynn.   By a twist of circumstances the youngster ends up at Newport after all and faces Kings Lynn this Sunday afternoon.  Partly due to his average and partly due to Grant Tregoning not making the club deadline to get back in the UK for the new season.

So it is all very encouraging plus the boys are gelling well with each other already and there is a good feel around the place.  A long way to go yet but a good foundation and I'm looking forward to the season with an interesting clash with the continually successful Kings Lynn team in Premier Trophy action to start with.  Craig

Newport Darlow Wasps 5 v Kings Lynn Roger Warnes Transport Stars
Meeting No.3 Premier Trophy
Sunday 4th April, 2010
Tapes up @ 2.30pm
Track Record: 57.74 Andrew Tully 12/07/09

Newport 51

1.  Leigh Lanham (c) (7.16) 1', 2', 2', 2, 3 = 10+3
2.  Craig Watson (6.38) 2, 3, 3, 3, 0 = 11
3.  Anders Mellgren (7.00) 3, 2, 2, 3 = 10
4.  Kyle Legault (6.41) 2', 1', 1', 2 = 6+3
5.  Kim Nilsson (7.00) 3. 0, 3, 1' = 7+1
6.  Alex Davies (R) (5.00) 2, 1, 1, Fx = 4
7.  Todd Kurtz (R) (3.00) 1', 1, 1 = 3

Kings Lynn 41

1.  Tomas Topinka (c) (9.10) 3, 3, 0, 3, 2 = 11
2.  Linus Eklof (5.30) 0, 0, 0 = 0
3.  Kozza Smith (6.52) 1, 3, 0, 4 = 8
4.  Joe Haines (6.62) 0, 2', 1, 3 = 6+1
5.  Kevin Doolan (8.87) 2, 1, 3, Fx, 1' = 7+1
6.  Ricky Wallace (R) (3.00) Ex, 0, 0 = 0
7.  Casper Wortman (R) 3, 0, 2, 2, 1, 1 = 9

Heat 1: 60.38 Topinka, Lanham, Watson, Eklof (3-3) 3-3
Heat 2: 60.81 Wortman, Davies, Kurtz, Wallace (15m) (3-3) 6-6
Heat 3: 60.75 Mellgren, Legault, Smith, Haines (5-1) 11-7
Heat 4: 60.25 Nilsson, Doolan, Kurtz, Wortman (4-2) 15-9
Heat 5: 60.60 Topinka, Mellgren, Legault, Eklof (3-3) 18-12
Heat 6: 60.94 Watson, Lanham, Doolan, Wallace (5-1) 23-13
Heat 7: 60.78 Smith, Haines, Davies, Nilsson (1-5) 24-18
Heat 8: 61.00 Watson, Wortman, Kurtz, Eklof (4-2) 28-20
Heat 9: 60.72 Doolan, Mellgren, Legault, Wallace (3-3) 31-23
Heat 10: 61.26 Watson, Lanham, Haines, Smith (5-1) 36-24
Heat 11: 60.06 Nilsson, Wortman, Davies, Topinka (TR) (4-2) 40-26
Heat 12: 61.22 Mellgren, Smith (TR), Wortman, Kurtz (3-5) 43-31
Heat 13: 61.30 Topinka, Lanham, Nilsson, Doolan (Fx) (3-3) 46-34
Heat 14: 61.09 Haines, Legault, Wortman, Davies (Fx) (2-4) 48-38
Heat 15: 60.54 Lanham, Topinka, Doolan, Watson (3-3) 51-41

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Meeting 3 Newport v Kings Lynn (Premier Trophy)
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