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 Meeting No.4 Newport v Rye House - Premier Trophy

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PostSubject: Meeting No.4 Newport v Rye House - Premier Trophy   Mon Sep 29, 2014 4:43 pm

Meeting No.4
Newport Darlows Wasps v Rye House Silverski Rockets
Sunday 11th April, 2010
Tapes up @ 2.30pm

Waspland Whisperings

Before I come to a perspective on the Wasps and the Hornets in the past week it is only appropriate that comment is passed on the sad news of the death of Paul Fry.  There was a heartfelt tribute paid to him on our parade last Sunday and a minute's silence invested with real emotion as Paul meant something at this club.  The first captain of the new era for the sport in the city and our skipper for the second half of our previous 2009 campaign.  A committed racer on track and a warm personality off track.  Our thoughts are with his family and friends.  He will be missed but never forgotten.

Paul would have been pleased with the way that matters are ticking so far this season.  That dramatic run off victory over Somerset was followed last Sunday by a very creditable victory over a Kings Lynn team that is always going to operate at the sharp end of the division.  The pairing of Leigh Lanham and Craig Watson is leading by example and although Kim Nilsson h as understandably gained the earlier attention surrounding our two Swedes then Anders showed that he is not to be underestimated with a very competent display in an afternoon of great racing one of the outstanding memories is of Alex Davies tagging Tomas Topinka in heat eleven and passing him.  Who could have predicted that?  Overall it was a very pleasing win and encouraging.  AT the time of writing Alex was doubtful with a wrist problem so get behind Tim Webster as he prepares to step up to the plate.  The Hornets also opened their campaign in style with an impressive 57-37 win over the touring Vikings side on Easter Monday.  A solid performance throughout but good to see two Newportonians riding well at reserve.  James White Williams and Tom Young are both local boys and that is a rare treat in British Speedway.  Today we take on a Rye House side whom we competed against last night in Hertfordshire.  Jason will update you on our performance.  Chris Neath looked very sharp when he was riding here a few weeks ago for the 1999 Legends so we will have to keep an eye on him.  So on with the racing.  Steve

Wato's World

It is something difficult to put into words what one is feeling in sad situations but I will try my best with respect to the news of Paul Fry's death.  I joined Newport as a raw recruit in 1997 and Fryer was the club captain.  He was so supportive of me as a rider in that first season and way beyond.  If I had guest bookings he would often accompany me and help out.  Nothing was too much trouble.  In his career he rode for several clubs and everywhere he was popular with fans.  He was very well liked by everybody.  We will always remember him at Newport Speedway that's for sure.  As Paul would have wanted - the show must go on.  

Last week we enjoyed an excellent victory over one of the best teams in our division.  Again matters went well for Leigh Lanham and myself as a pairing on track.  We do communicate before we go out for a race and work safely and well together as we try to put our strategy into action.  I have great respect for Leigh as a rider but we also get on well as people and that is important too.

Meanwhile several members of the youngers Wasps were doing well.  Anders Mellgren was probably a little rusty and when he started the season but is beginning to settle very well.  

Kim Nilsson and he came with excellent recommendations from Sweden and are going to progress very well in the sport to the benefit of Newport.  Some regarded having riders on assessed averages as a gamble but believe me the club did its home work on our Swedish youngsters.  Another youngster who did so well on Sunday was Alex Davies.  A double whammy when he passed the legendary Tomas Topinka of Kings Lynn as Tomas was on a double tactical and when Alex reduced the visiting skipper to last place in heat eleven he stopped any chance of the Czech connecting with he team partner and earning double points.  Of course Alex had no idea of the reputation of his opponent and that is the other great thing about being so young.  He was just another opponent to hunt down in a race.  I can remember those days when I first came over and big names didn't register.

So it is looking very encouraging on the results front and we are on for more Premier League points against Rye House Rockets from Hertfordshire this weekend.  


Newport Darlows Wasps v Rye House Silverski Rockets
Sunday 11th April, 2010
Tapes up @ 2.30pm
Track Record: Andrew Tully 12/07.09 57.74

Referee: Chris Durno (Solihull)

Newport Darlows Wasps 45

1.  Leigh Lanham (7.18) (C) 3, 2, 3, 2, 2' = 12+1
2.  Craig Watson (6.38) 2, 1', 2, 2', 3 = 10+2
3.  Anders Mellgren (7.00) 1', 1, 2, 2 = 6+1
4.  Kyle Legault (6.41) 2, 3, 0, 1 = 6
5.  Kim Nilsson (7.00) 2, 3, 2, 0 = 7
6.  Tim Webster (R) (5.00) 0, 2', 0, 0 = 2+1
7.  Todd Kurtz (R) (3.00) 1, 0, 1', 0 = 2+1

Rye House Silverski Rockets 45

1.  Chris Neath (C) (6.93) 0, 0, 3, 1 = 4
2.  Stefan Ekberg (6.78) 1, 2, 3, 1, 1 = 8
3.  Jordan Frampton (6.81) 3, Fx, Fx = 3
4.  Luke Bowen (5.99) 0, 1, 1, 3 = 5
5.  Linus Sundstrum (6.74) 3, 3, 3, 3, Ex = 12
6.  Kurt Shields (R) (3.00) 2', 0, 1, 1 = 4+1
7.  Kyle Hughes (R) 3, 1, 0, 3, 2' = 9+1

Heat 1: 60.48 Lanham, Watson, Ekberg, Neath (5-1) 5-1
Heat 2: 60.40 Hughes, Shields, Kurtz, Webster (1-5) 6-6
Heat 3: 59.31 Frampton, Legault, Mellgren, Bowen (3-3) 9-9
Heat 4: 59.66 Sundstrum, Nilsson, Hughes, Kurtz (2-4) 11-13
Heat 5: 60.60 Legault, Ekberg, Mellgren, Neath (4-2) 15-15
Heat 6: 59.98 Sundstrum, Lanham, Watson, Shields(3-3) 18-18
Heat 7: 60.98 Nilsson, Webster, Bowen, Frampton (FX) (5-1) 23-19
Heat 8: 59.93 Ekberg, Watson, Kurtz, Hughes (3-3) 26-22
Heat 9: 60.89 Sundstrum, Mellgren, Shields, Legault (2-4) 28-26
Heat 10: 59.85 Lanham, Watson, Bowen, Frampton (FX) (5-1) 33-27
Heat 11: 60.11 Neath, Nilsson, Ekberg, Webster (4-2) 35-31
Heat 12: 62.16 Hughes (RC), Mellgren, Shields, Kurtz (2-4) 37-35
Heat 13: 61.09 Sundstrum, Lanham, Neath, Nilsson (2-4) 39-39
Heat 14: 61.68 Bowen, Hughes, Legault, Webster (1-5) 40-44
Heat 15: 60.68 Watson, Lanham, Ekberg, Sundstrum (EX) (5-1) 45-45

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Meeting No.4 Newport v Rye House - Premier Trophy
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