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 Meeting No.6 Newport v Somerset (Premier Trophy)

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PostSubject: Meeting No.6 Newport v Somerset (Premier Trophy)   Wed Oct 01, 2014 2:57 pm

Newport Darlows Wasps v Somerset Dickies Rebels
Premier Trophy
Sunday 18th April, 2010
Start: 2.30pm

Waspland Whisperings

An interesting weekend for the Wasps against the Rye House Rockets especially at home when the result was amended after the meeting was over and the bulk of you had departed for home.

You will recall that we went into the final heat at 40-44 needing a 5-1 to draw.  Wato produced a superb race to master the previously unbeaten Linus Sundstrom with Leigh Lanham in third, initially the 4-2 was not sufficient and the announced score line was 44-46.

However it had been spotted that the Rye House rider did not have the required rear wheel spoiler on his machine and therefore was subsequently disqualified.  Hence a 5-1 to t he Wasps and a 45-45 draw! It took a little while to sort out because there was a separate issue raised as to whether Stefan Ekberg had finished the race after falling and remounting and so many present would have been surprised
when they read the match reports or are even picking the new situation up for the first time.  The point was welcome in what is proving an interesting Premier Trophy group.

We were at Kings Lynn on Wednesday evening and Somerset on Friday evening and so with printing schedules the results of those matches will be relayed over the PA.  Don't Forget that the club hotline does carry details of fixtures within a reasonable period after any Newport meeting is complete.

Rye House proved to be very tough away although the boys were on the pace despite the score line.  The return produced a tight and tense tussle and praise not only to the senior riders Leigh and Craig but Tim Webster did make a good go of it in the races that he completed.  

Don't forget that it is a speedway double next weekend with a Saturday afternoon fixture for the Hornets against the Isle of Wight Islanders at 2.30pm and then the first Premier League fixture of the season on Sunday afternoon against Redcar Bears led by former World Champion Gary Havelock.  Today we welcome back the Somerset Rebels and their supporters.  The Severn Bridge Trophy was a keen contest.  So on with the racing.  Steve

Wato's World

Although there is a lot of pressure I was pleased to be in the nominated heat fifteen for our match against Rye House last Sunday.
Even more so to win it and beat Linus Sundstrom of the Rockets in the process.  The young Swede has made a dynamic start to his second season in British Speedway and had reeled off four straight wins at Queensway Meadows last weekend before we went to the tapes in a last heat decider.  OK he had his points for second place in that race deducted for not having a compulsory rear wheel spoiler on his bike and that did give us a draw but I had the satisfaction of doing well only a few weeks back from a season out with injury.  I am still not satisfied with my away form but I scored paid thirteen against Rye House at home and that is double my average.   So I have to feel that I am working towards my target to raise my overall average while racing at the sharp end of competition.  Meanwhile spare a thought for young Alex Davies.  He makes a tremendous start to his Wasps career and then chips a bone in his right arm and has had to sit out the current crop of fixtures.  To give him credit  he has taken advice and not tried to carry on riding whilst carrying an injury.  We have also made sure that he is kept involved and travels with the team.   It also gives him a chance to see tracks that he will race on when the Premier League fixtures come into play.  At the moment we have Premier Trophy fixtures to fulfil which are important to us but it is the league which is the main part of any season's menu.

Of course Alex is one of a number of teenage Aussies making their way in British Speedway.  Each season a crop arrive and it is hard for me to keep up with who's who as I don't spend much time back in Australia these days.  What I do know is that my home country can now compare with Denmark in its junior development programme for speedway riders.  I'm pleased that we have two good newcomers with Alex plus Todd Kurtz whom I'm sure will be capable of sustaining a decent average in the Newport team.


Newport Darlows Wasps v Somerset Dickies Rebels
SCB Referee Christine Turnbull (Cranleigh, Surrey)
Track Record: Andrew Tully (12/07/09) 57.74

Newport Darlows Wasps 57
1.  Leigh Lanham (c) (7.16) 1', 2, 2, 2', 2' = 9+3
2.  Craig Watson (6.38) 2, 0, 3, 0 = 5
3.  Anders Mellgren (7.00) 3, 1, 3, 0 = 7
4.  Kyle Legault (6.41) 2', 3, F, 3 = 8+1
5.  Kim Nilsson (7.00) 3, 1, 3, 3, 3 = 13
6.  Justin Sedgmen (R) (5.00) 3, 3, 2', 2', 3 = 13+2
7.  Todd Kurtz (R) 1, 0, 1 = 2

Somerset Dickies Rebels 37
1.  Shane Parker (c) (8.15) 3, 2, 1, 1 = 7
2.  Brent Werner (5.83) 0, 0, 0 = 0
3.  Sam Masters (5.00) 0, 0, 1, 4 = 5
4.  Steve Boxall (6.88) 1, 2, 3, 2, 1 = 9
5.  Cory Gathercole (7.69) 2, 1, 4, 0 = 7
6.  Ritchie Hawkins (R) (4.42) 2, 1, 3, 1, 1', 1', 0 = 9+3
7.  Tommy Allen (R) (4.42) 0, 0, 0 = 0

Heat 1: 60.70 Parker, Watson, Lanham, Werner (3-3) 3-3
Heat 2: 60.53 Sedgmen, Hawkins, Kurtz, Allen (4-2) 7-5
Heat 3: 60.22 Mellgren, Legault, Boxall, Masters (5-1) 12-6
Heat 4: 59.03 Nilsson, Gathercole, Hawkins (RC), Kurtz (3-3) 15-9
Heat 5: 59.15 Legault, Parker, Mellgren, Werner (4-2) 19-11
Heat 6: 59.15 Hawkins, Lanham, Gathercole, Watson (2-4) 21-15
Heat 7: 59.00 Sedgmen, Boxall, Nilsson, Masters (4-2) 25-17
Heat 8: 60.75 Watson, Sedgmen (RC), Hawkins, Allen (5-1) 30-18
Heat 9: Aw     Mellgren, Gathercole (TR), Hawkins, Legault (F) (3-5) 33-23
Heat 10: 59.51 Boxall, Lanham, Masters, Watson (2-4) 35-27
Heat 11: 60.54 Nilsson, Sedgmen, Parker, Werner (5-1) 40-28
Heat 12: 60.66 Sedgmen (RC), Masters (TR), Hawkins, Mellgren (3-5) 43-33
Heat 13: 60.13 Nilsson, Lanham, Parker, Gathercole (5-1) 48-34
Heat 14: 60.50 Legault, Boxall, Kurtz (RC), Allen (4-2) 52-36
Heat 15: 60.85 Nilsson, Lanham, Boxall, Hawkins (5-1) 57-37

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Meeting No.6 Newport v Somerset (Premier Trophy)
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